The TIA is a document prepared in accordance with guidelines published by West Australian Planning Commission to determine the transportation impact of the proposed development on the surrounding network.

In our experience traffic and transport studies are larger scale, preliminary documents that examine macro transportation issues. Generally these reports are completed across suburbs or even across whole council areas and are provided to inform future planning amendments. 

Our company has completed parking studies over smaller developments and large scale retail/commercial facilities. These reports can be completed for developers, or in the case of existing facilities, by regulatory authorities seeking to understand how customers utilise parking spaces. 

A study of a particular project that is custom
tailored to suit a particular requirement of the client. This is usually a report for a smaller residential subdivision or a free standing development.

Road Safety Audits are a vital component of projects that either require an upgrade to existing road infrastructure, or examine historical performance of existing infrastructure. RSAs are completed to nationally governed standards. KCTT has one accredited senior road safety auditor.

Conducted with one of our microscopic or mesoscopic modelling
tools, ( Sidra or Aimsun ). A modelling report is prepared to detail the findings of modelling