Wickham Accommodation Expansion

KCTT were engaged by Thinc Projects and Rio Tinto Iron Ore to prepare a traffic impact study for a group of projects titled “Wickham Accommodation Expansion”.

This group encompassed approximately 25 different projects ranging from residential expansion to FIFO accommodation expansion to upgrade of civil facilities and shopping centre.

The proposed residential expansion included over 700 additional lots and over 500 additional units for short and long term stay. The proposed development would impose requirement for upgrading of the existing intersections with Point Samson to Roebourne Road and construction of a minimum of one additional intersection.


A detailed traffic generation and parking requirements analysis was conducted. Traffic modelling was prepared for each year in period 2011-2016 due to the volume of the proposed development and rapid change of the environment. Attention was given to the pedestrian movement in particular due to the harsh climate conditions and specific urban design including sizable open drains.

Further to this, a formal road safety audit has been conducted at the intersection of Hakea Street and Point Samson to Roebourne Road in order to determine the exact extent of the required improvement.