This development consists of a total of 108 residential lots and a 3.36ha district open space (DOS) located within the City of Wanneroo. To date, KCTT have completed the detailed design for the entirety of the development and commenced construction in August 2016, with an expected completion in January 2017. Due to the natural topography of the site and requirements of governing authorities, the design of this development required substantial work, to which KCTT have worked thoroughly to meet all demands and achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders.

KCTT began detailed design for Lot 22 East Road in September 2015, with both the Serbian and Australian working meticulously to complete the project with both quality and time being of upmost importance. KCTT’s role in this project includes:

  1. Concept Design
  2. Detailed Design
  3. Obtaining All Relevant Approvals
  4. Tender Documentation and Assessment, and;
  5. Contract Administration