Forrestfield North DSP

KCTT have completed preliminary traffic and transport reporting forthe new proposed development in the Forrestfield North area. The new proposed development comprises of industrial, residential and mixed use distributed over area larger than 180ha. It is envisaged as an organic extension of the proposed railway station precinct.

Due to the high importance of the area, this project required extensive liaison with relevant authorities planning in the subject area (such as Gateway WA project – upgrade of Tonkin Highway / Roe Highway interchange, upgrade of the intersection of Tonkin Highway / Abernethy Road; Expansion of Perth Airport and development of new business area adjacent to the subject DSP area; and the extension of railway).


At this stage KCTT have examined several development scenarios and their potential impact on the surrounding network and the potential required upgrades such as:

  • Configuration of carriageway for Berkshire Road (west), Milner Road, Sultana Road and Maida Vale Road (west)
  • Realignment and assessment of traffic management measures for the intersection of Berkshire Road, Dundas Road and Milner Road
  • Potential configuration of Maida Vale / Roe Highway interchange
  • Potential realignment and assessment of traffic management devices for the intersection of Dundas Road / Abernethy Road

KCTT have prepared a wider Paramics model for the area in order to examine the impact of the proposed development on major road infrastructure such as: Roe Highway, Abernethy Road and Kalamumda Road. The intersections that were deemed critical were further modelled in SIDRA
Further to this KCTT have examined the potential for utilisation of alternative transport modes