Comparison between 4th Quarter of 2016 to 1st / 2nd Quarter of 2017

The are two key areas of interest, Earthworks and Water Reticulation, which have seen a significant change in rates and general pricing.

Earth Works:
The earthwork rates from the last quarter of 2016 to the end 2nd quarter of 2017 on average have decreased 8.3%. Some significant changes in rates were stripping and stockpiling of top soil, which dropped from $0.63 to as low as $0.39 per square meter. Majority of contractors rates for import fill slightly decreased also with an average fill rate per square meter going from $22.17 to $20.90. The decrease in contractors rates is a combination of reduction in sand pricing and a reduction in transport / logistics costs through lower wages.

Water Reticulation:
Water reticulation was on the opposite end of the scale compared to general earthworks in terms of rates of pricing from the last quarter of 2016 to the end of the 2nd quarter of 2017. There was an increase of 3.9% across the board, the majority of the spike in prices was in supply and installation of materials. The increase in water reticulation could possibly be down to suppliers increasing their pricing for which contractors have followed suit. Although there was a drop of 8.6% for excavation and trenching which coincides with the above that general earthworks has decreased significantly.